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The DSF's Co-founder, Lady Olga Maitland
Welcome to The Defence and Security Forum

The Defence and Security Forum was founded by Lady Olga Maitland in 1983. It was originally a campaigning organisation known as Families for Defence launched to challenge the anti-nuclear protest movements such as CND. Families for Defence’s remit was to promote the NATO case for multilateral nuclear disarmament. In the course of doing so the purpose was to focus on the importance of a proper provision for the defence of the United Kingdom.

Major General Patrick Cordingley, our Chairman Our Keynote Topics

  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Defence and Security

Diary Dates 2012
24th Jan. 2012 Flag of Iran. ‘Should Iran Be Bombed?
Rr. Hon.Lord Lamont Of Lerwick. Chairman, British Iranian Chamber of Commerce will address the volatile issues facing Iran today.
Prof. Emanuele Ottolenghi, author of ‘Under a Mushroom Cloud, Europe, Iran and the Bomb’ will respond
. His speech is here.

Read Lord Lamont's speech.

13th Feb. 2012 Lord Green Algeria Today – The Quiet Country With Huge Opportunities

Algeria, the largest country in the African continent; the most stable and by far the one with greatest wealth and investment opportunities is open for business.

13th Mar. 2012 H.E. Paul Van Den Ijsell, President UN Geneva Disarmament Convention. Arms Control and Disarmament: How is it done?

H.E. PAUL VAN DEN IJSSEL, Netherlands, and President UN Geneva Disarmament Convention December 2011 on biological weapons will examine the formidable challenges facing arms control and disarmament.

Read his speech...

29th Mar. 2012 The White House - MS ClipArt U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS – AND AFTER
Round Table analysis by leading US political commentator Marco Vicenzino (TBC). An opportunity to examine President Obama’s leadership – and the changing role of the US globally. A geo-political risk analysis and how it impacts on Europe and the UK in particular.

17th May. 2012 Un defied
Summer Season:  Whither Syria's Future?

An illustrious panel that includes Sir Malcom Rifkind debates the issues.

27th June 2012 The DSF listens... In the eye of the Middile East storm

H.R.H. Prince El Hassan of Jordan talsk about the impact of the Arab Spring.
Prince El Hassan, brother of the late King Hussain and uncle of HM King Abdullah 11 of Jordan is a formidable figure in the Middle East.

3rd July 2012 South Sudan ‘Don’t Take Care, Take Risks!’

Brigadier Ellery, Director of Aegis, was for one year Head of the UN Mission to Southern Sudan.

27th Sept. 2012 Islamic Cleric AYAD JAMAL AL-DIN
Muslim Brotherhood:  Friend Or Foe?

Leading Islamic Cleric AYAD JAMAL AL-DIN, former Iraqi MP, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood talks about their increasingly influential role in the Islamic world.

9th Oct. 2012 H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
Camera Press.
The Role of the Monarchy in today’s Constitution

In celebration of  H.M. QUEEN Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, Rt. Hon. Lord Janvrin, Private Secretary to H.M.The Queen between 1999-2007 and delegates of the DSF discuss the relevance of her role today.

18 Oct. 2012 House of Lords House of Lords Reception: Rt. Hon. Lord Risby, the DSF and H.E. Mr. Amar Abba, the Algerian Ambassador celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Algeria.

23rd Oct. 2012 South Sudan

One Year On From The Founding of South Sudan: What progress?

Unease still dominates relations between the Republic of Sudan and South Suden, so has any progress been made at all?

Henry Bellingham, MP, Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides the keynote speech; and he is joined by H.E. Chol Ajongo, the Ambassador of South Sudan and Dr. Hakee, N'Moi.

7th Nov. 2012 Trident The Trident Delight

The DSF discusses Russian delight at Alex Salmond's Commitment to banish Trident from Scottish Waters.

Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, former Secretary General NATO will respond vigorously – taking a broad view of NATO at the same time.

13th Nov. 2012 Army - MOD Changing the Modern Army

A look at why the ‘Espirit de Corps' of the regiment matters: A view of the Black Watch.
Major General James Cowan, DSO, OBE
Head of Counter Terrorism and UK Operations, formerly of the Black Watch offers his opinion.

5th Dec. 2012 H.E. Dr. Chris Nonis Sri Lanka Today: Rebuilding After Protracted Terrorist Conflict and the Tsunami

The economic miracle is under way at nearly 8% GDP growth.

Speaker: H.E. the Higher Commissioner for Sir Lanka, Dr. Chris Nonis.

Diary Dates 2011
20th Jan. 2011 Breaking the code of history ‘Breaking the Code of History'

Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB to moderate a Round Table seminar dinner based on David Murrin’s new book, ‘Breaking the Code of History’. A fresh perspective on the dynamics of the past that have propelled the world into conflicts. More...

Breaking the Code of History
Published by: Apollo Analysis Limited ISBN: 978-0-9567175-0-4 RRP: 35 eBook: 25
9th Feb. 2011
Negotiating the freedom of a kidnapped hostage

Suzanne (Sue) Williams, Queen’s Police Medal, formerly head of the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Unit, Scotland Yard has had a distinguished career working on some high profile cases such as Margaret Hassan and Kenneth Bigley, executed in Iraq. But there have been successes 

17th Feb. 2011 Ivory Coast - Microsoft ClipArt Government facing unprecedented challenges

Rt. Hon Lord Howell of Guildford, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Coalition Government is facing inprecedented foreign policy challenges be it today like the Ivory Coast. Should the UK send some troops there?

24th Feb. 2011
Unravelling the truth

...about the Al Qaeda movement. Brigadier Rashid Ali Malik, President and CEO, Security 2000, has unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the Al Qaeda movement, which is now found in over 40 countries from Asia to Africa.

31st March 2011 Dr. Sami Khiyami, Syrian Ambassador to the UK Syria: The Focal Point

H.E. Dr Sami Khiyami, Ambassador for the Republic of Syria. Syria is becoming a focal point for the Middle East peace process. Diplomatic thaw continues with Turkey, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah visited Damascus in 2010. President Obama is sending an Ambassador to Damascus.

20th April 2011 Microsoft Clipart - Turkish Flag Changing dynamics in Central Asia

H.E. Mr Unal Cevikoz, Turkish Ambassador.
Introduction by: Mr Mehmet Ogutcu, marketing director, BG.

Turkey has made astonishing progress. Soaring economy; pole position strategically between East and West, good relations with neighbours; independent, has stood up to Israel; has relations with the Taliban; Muslim but functions as a secular democracy – regarded as an example to Arab neighbours.

19th May 2011 Lord of Howell of Guildford speaking to the Bow Group Evaluating Britain’s role in the world; where do we stand with the Arab nations?

Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office asks:
Is this now time to review British foreign policy and priorities in the light of Middle East changes?   How does Britain now relate to the super-powers, how do we maximise our influence with a seat on the UN Security Council?

1st June 2011 Buy Dr. Julian's Lewis Book on Amazon...
‘Racing Ace, The Fights Flights of Samuel Kinkead, DSO, DSC*, DFC’

Dr Julian Lewis, MP – former Shadow Defence Minister and now member of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, and author, talks about the life of fighter pilot Samuel 'Kink' Kinkead.

21st June 2011 Algerian British Business Council House of Lords, DSF Reception With the Algerian British Business Council. 

Hosted by Rt. Hon. Lord Waverley and the guest of Honour is H.E, the Algerian Ambassador, M. Amar Abba.

Algeria, the largest country in the African continent has experienced significant growth at a rate in a country with strong oil and gas export revenues. With strong reserves and a Government spending programme of US$286bn over the next three years largely focused on infrastructure projects...

23rd June 2011 The Republic of South Sudan is welcomed as a UN member.

Click for Youtube footage.
Republic of South Sudan – The Birth of a Nation 

A top line-up of speakers talks about The Republic of South Sudan, which becomes becomes a Sovereign nation on 7th July 2011; one that is emerging after years of war. However, it is also a country with huge oil and mineral wealth; (80% of the former state’s oil lies in the south)... 
20th Sept 2011 Author, Singh Rani.
‘SONIA GHANDI: An Extraordinary Life, an Indian Destiny.'

Acclaimed biography by RANI SINGH. Italian-born Sonia’s marriage to Rajiv Ghandi, who was assassinated while Prime Minister in 1991, eventually lead her to be seen as one of the most powerful politicians in India in her role as leader of the Congress Party.

18th Nov. 2011 Sponsor: Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Annual House of Lords' Dinner to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Kuwait.

Many famous names will take part in this celebration of Kuwait’s independence; its 20th Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait from Iraq, and the 5th Anniversary of the Emir Sheikh Sabah becoming ruler.

Sponsored by Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Guest of Honour: The Kuwaiti Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al Sabah. 
Supporting disabled sports charity, Wheelpower.

30th Nov. 2011 Troops General Sir David Richards, GCB, CBE, DSO, Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence

Best known as a trouble shooter and plain speaking.  Told MPs that he fears the Taliban will exploit the power vacuum in Afghanistan after the West leaves. As he said, ’war is a bummer. Politics and the enemy have a vote.’

8th Dec. 2011 Cables from Kabul... ‘Cables from Kabul: the Inside Story of the West’s Afghanistan Campaign’

SIR SHERARD COWPER-COLES, KCVO, LVO, author of ‘Cables from Kabul: the Inside Story of the West’s Afghanistan Campaign’. When he was ambassador in Afghanistan (2007-2010) and later Her Majesty’s  Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Sir Sherard was a lone voice as an outspoken critic of western policy.
Read more.‘Cables from Kabul: the Inside Story of the West’s Afghanistan Campaign.’

Diary Dates 2010
Dennis Amachree, Country Security Manager, Addax Petroleum Development.  Theft of oil from pipelines in the Niger Delta has cost the country over $1.5b a year.

Click here to read more.
February 2010 Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai - always worth chatting with and listening to. Source: Sky News Warm welcome to Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai.

The DSF gave a very warm welcome in late February to the increasingly influential and very charming
Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai, Tribal Chief in SE Aghanistan.

23rd Feb. 2010 Rt. Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence DR LIAM FOX, MP, SHADOW SECRETARY OF STATE FOR DEFENCE, will outline a Conservative Government agenda for the security of Britain.

Click here to read more.
24th March 2010 Her Excellency Syeda Abida, leading Pakistani Politician H.E. SYEDA ABIDA HUSSAIN, LEADING PAKISTANI POLITICIAN.

Four times a minister, and Pakistan's former Ambassador to the USA talks about how the country is coping with the insurgency and militancy.

Click here to read more.
6 May 2010 Sir John Scarlett. Source: SIR JOHN SCARLETT, KCMG, OBE; Director General, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) between 2004-2009 gives his personal view about 'International Terrorism - and the Response. 

Click here to read more.

25 May 2010 Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson of Blaby Rt. Hon. LORD LAWSON OF BLABY, PC; former Chancellor of the Exchequer. 'The Politics of Climate Change Hysteria'.

Lord Lawson, author of the controversial book, 'An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming,' has dared to question the stifling orthodoxy on climate change.
Click here to read more.

What is the real story of this fascinating and enormously wealthy country – the 3rd largest oil producer in Africa? Oil started flowing 10 years ago, and today has made a startling impact on its development.

Click here to read more.

The British military operation in Afghanistan is being compromised by an ‘incompetent’ Ministry of Defence equipment programme.

Click here to read more.
29th Sept. 2010 Tident missile. Source: TRIDENT DEBATE – DO WE NEED IT?

The DSF invites some eminent speak to debate whether Britain still needs the Trident missile.

Speakers include:
Field Marshal Lord Bramal;
Major Patrick Cordingley; General Lord Walker; 
and Dr. Nick Ritchie.
Click here to read more.

After the sinking of a South Korean naval ship, which killed 46 seamen, relations with North Korea are very volatile. The DSF asks, "What is the way forward?"

Keynote Guest speaker: South Korea's Ambassador to the UK; H.E,. CHOO KYU HO.
28th Oct. 2010 Israeli and Palestinian flags. HOW DOES ISRAEL COME IN FROM THE COLD?

Israel’s isolation deepens. Nine dead when Israel stormed aid ship to Gaza.  Turkey abandons its ally. Relations with the US have chilled. Thousands died in Gaza and Lebanon wars.
3rd Dec. 2010 Lord Lamont of Lerwick. Source: ‘THE ENEMY WITHIN’ APPEAL:

Annual House Of Lords Dinner Sponsored By Rt. Hon. Lord Lamont Of Lerwick
In Aid Of Combat Stress.

6th Dec. 2010 General Sir David Richards; Chief of Defence Staff. Source. MOD. ‘WE SHOULD OPEN TALKS WITH THE TALIBAN’, says General Sir David Richards, KCB, CBE, DSO, CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF

He is described as  a seat-of-the-pants soldier he is one of the UK’s most experienced military figures having served in Afghanistan, Sierre Leone, East Timor, Far East.  Germany and Northern Ireland.
14th Dec. 2010 Map of China. Source: UPDATE: CHINA ANALYSIS 
Jonathan Fenby, former editor of the South China Morning Post returns from roaming China to give the DSF an update.

Diary Dates 2009
19th Feb. 2009 Alistair Crooke - Director of Conflicts Resolution ‘Gaza: a pawn in the new ‘great game’

Beirut based Alastair Crooke, OBE, director of Conflicts Resolution is the renowned expert on the Hamas and Hezbellah and frequent broadcaster on the Israeli/Gaza war.  Mr Crooke will give his analysis on the full scale invasion of the Gaza by the Israelis based on a close understanding and knowledge of all participants.

25th Feb. 2009 Dr. Malmgren - Canonbury Group President Barack Obama – A close up view

A close up view on his new world order. American-born  Dr Philippa Malgrem,  a former senior adviser to President Bush and now linked into the new Administration, and a regular broadcaster  will give a foretaste of what to expect in a re-born United States with a new agenda for all.

9th Mar. 2009 US army solider in Afghanistan. Afghanistan: Is the NATO Mission doomed?

Should we stay; stem the tide of Taleban influence which in turn affects security back home - or pack up and go?

Click here to find out more.
22nd April 2009 A silhouette of a soldier on patrol. Iraq: Bomb Disposal Expert Awarded George Cross - Major Peter Norton.

Click here to read more.
19th May 2009 Algeria - Anger of the Dispossessed ‘Algeria, Anger of the Dispossessed’

John Phillips, Co-Author of 'Algeria, Anger of the Dispossessed' talks to the DSF about President Bouteflika's re-election for the third term. What lies ahead for Algeria faced with the continuing menace from the Al Quaeda in Maghreb group...? 

Click here to find out more
17th June 2009 ‘Iran: Breaking the nuclear deadlock’. Iran: Breaking the nuclear deadlock’

Sir Richard Dalton, former UK ambassador to Iran, 2002-2006, presents his paper for Chatham House.
Click here to find out more.
29th June 2009 Members and delegates talk to Lady Olga Maitland. Lifting the veil on the real China'.

Lance Browne, Head of Standard Chartered Bank, China, lifts the veil.

Click here to find out more.
12th Oct. 2009 Inside the Kingdom by Robert Lacey Robert Lacey speaks about his book, ‘INSIDE THE KINGDOM’ – Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia.

Click here to find out more.
4th Nov. 2009 Delegates sit down to enjoy a debate. THE YEAR OF THE PIRATE. Raiders strike 150 times in six months. 20m paid in ransoms last year. Why?

Click here to find out more.
24th Nov. 2009 Lt. General Jonathon Riley LT. GENERAL JONATHON RILEY, CB, DSO, PhD, MA. The former Deputy ISAF commander in Afghanistan answers the question:  Which way forward for the Armed Forces?

Click here to find out more.
10th Dec.2009 St. Stephen's Tower, Houses of Parliament, London ANNUAL HOUSE OF LORDS DINNER; Special Boat Service 65th Anniversary Appeal – Special Forces unit of the UK Armed Forces.

Click here to find out more.

Diary Dates 2008
7th Feb. 2008 Africa - Poverty AFRICA – The Scramble of Poverty

Razi Khan, Head of Economics for Africa, Standard Chartered Bank.
UN Economic Commission reports that Africa will sustain an economic growth rate of 6.2% in 2008 despite an anticipated global slowdown. “The impressive robust growth is attributed largely to buoyant domestic demand, booming mining, oil and gas production…”

19th Feb. 2008
Microsoft Clip Art - Spy Is Any Business Safe?

Emma Shaw, Managing Director of Esoteri, is a specialist in corporate espionage. In 1991 the FBI and the US Chamber of Commerce admitted to losing about $2bn a month to corporate espionage. A cheap and simple bugging device can devastate a business.  Is any business safe?

4th March 2008 Lord Ahmed ‘Can You Be Proud To Be a Muslim and Proud to Be British?’

How do you make a distinction between Islam, the religion versus the culture, politics and history which have dominated Islam over the centuries?

Speakers: Rt. Hon. Lord Ahmed of Rotherham;
Rt. Hon. Baronness; Warsi – Shadow Minister For Community Cohesion.

12th March 2008 Sir Edward Clay Kenya On Fire:  The Beacon Of Stability And Democracy Has Collapsed

Over 700; 260,000 Displaced , a developing Economy Shattered 
is There Hope – Or Is It a Basket Case?

Sir Edward Clay, UK High Commissioner for Kenya until 2005 took a bold stand by exposing corruption; bringing angry response from the Kenyan government. He made headlines for lambasting Kenya’s failure to tackle graft. Today he maintains a close understanding of a troubled country and is a frequent commentator of Kenya for which he has a real understanding.

2nd June 2008
Mr. Tsvangirai - Kenya's opposition leader. What Kind Of Government Can We Expect From Morgan Tsvangirai, Kenya's Opposition Leader?

He is expected to finally take over from President Mugabe after the run-off elections. Mr Tsvangirai will set out his economic plans for rebuilding Zimbabwe and opportunities for foreign investment.

4th June 2008
Source of Danger: ‘Flabby And Bogus Strategic Thinking’

The Marquis Of Salisbury and Professor Gwyn Prins talk about ‘Flabby And Bogus Strategic Thinking’ and argue that it is a fundamental source of danger to the security of the UK.”

17th June 2008 Dubai Museum Dubai – The  Leading Gulf Financial Centre – Has It Reached Its Limit?

Hamed Al Alban – Director, Triple E Invesments, Kuwait
Majd Shurafiq, former Director, Rasmalla Investments, Dubai.

2nd July 2008 Lord Levene The Olympic Games Have Brought A New Focus On A Rapidly Expanding Economy. Is This A Country You Can Really Do Business With?

Lord Levene Of Portsoken, KBE, the former Lord Mayor of London, now member of Board of China Construction Ban, whose travels over many years have taken him to China, will talk through the changes in China and how outsiders can understand their business culture and profit from it.  Lord Levene, also  chairman of Lloyds of London has had extensive exposure of this vibrant economy.

17th July 2008 Delegates dining 25th Anniversary Dinner of Families For Defence/Defence And Security Forum, House Of Lords

In 1983 Lady Olga Maitland launched the challenge to CND and the anti-nuclear protest movement. Her Vice chairmen were Baroness Bottomley, Dame Angela Rumbold, Ann Widdicombe, MP and Rosemary Brown. The result of their endeavours shocked the CND and played a key role at grass roots in winning the argument over multi-lateral nuclear disarmament...
23rd Sept. 2008 Treasury “Sovereign Wealth Funds – Are They a Blessing Or A Threat To Security?”

Sir Gavyn Arthur, Former Lord Mayor Of London, Chairman of the Arab Finanical Forum,
who has travelled widely and frequently on behalf of the City of London has had ample opportunity to make a careful study of a financial sector worth altogether an estimated 1.5 trillion ($3trillion)...

6th Oct. 2008 Dr. Khiyami Syria: The Wind of Change

H.E. Syrian Ambassador, Dr Sami Khiyami: Dynamics in the Middle East are on the move. A peace initiative is under way with Israel over the Golan Heights.  Is there a power shift in the Middle East? Is Syria moving to a new position and coming out of the cold.. What are its relations today with Iran; the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas.
14th Oct. 2008 Flag of Zimbabwe Inside Zimbabwe

Lord Blaker, spokesman in the House of Lords on Zimbabwe, and James Maberly, born in Zimbabwe with family and business links there, is a respected analyst of the local landscape.  His regular reports have given a vivid insight into a troubled country with stoical and courageous people faced with a brutal tyrannical regime.

Speakers: Rt. Hon Lord Blaker and James Maberly.
29th Oct. 2008 Shadow of a soldier The Real Truth About Multi-national Forces Working Together

General Sir John Kiszely, formerly deputy commanding general of Multi-national force in  Iraq during 2004-2005 speaks about The problems of decision making, integration, interoperability, sharing information and unity of purpose are exposed...
14 Nov. 2008 Palace of westminster ANNUAL HOUSE OF LORDS DINNER

Speakers to include : Capt. Peter Norton, George Cross. Awarded for an ‘Act of the most conspicuous courage in extreme danger outside Baghdad.`
16th Dec. 2008 Algeria - the Dispossessed Algeria Explained

Prof. Martin Evans, co-author of the highly accalaimed, ‘Algeria, the anger of the dispossessed’, speaks about a lucid and gripping account of Algeria’s recent and very bloody history tracing the years since independence how high hopes turned into bitter frustration at the failure of governments to tackle social problems and economic development...

Diary Dates 2007
8th Feb. 2007
The story of Agincourt by Juliet Barker. Available on Amazon.
An evening with Juliet Barker,  Award Winning  Author of  “Agincourt, The King, The Campaign, The Battle.” 

Henry V and his ‘band of brothers’ defeated the assembled might of the French in 1415, a triumph of the underdog in the face of overwhelming odds. Sunday Telegraph,’history at its best”. Economist:”..wonderfully vivid, clear and involving. She never forgets that a military campaign is made of up human beings. All the terror, dust and dirt of war is here..”

28th Feb. 2007
H.E. The Qatar Ambassador, Mr Khalid Al-Mansouri
Oil and Gas: Powering Qatar’s Economic Boom

Natural gas and oil is powering Qatar’s economic boom both in energy elbowing aside its neighbours and in a diversified economy with tax holidays of up to 12 years. The independently minded country, host to Al Jazeera,  has made a name for itself as the frontier of the global economy challenging  Dubai and Abu Dhabi with huge opportunities for investment.
8th March 2007
Rt. Hon. Lord Lamont
What Chance For Peace In The Middle East? What Is The Pathway Out Of Conflict?

The key players in the region, Syria, Iran, Iraq, for the first time come together to discuss the future. The speakers are as follows:

SYRIA: H.E. The Syrian Ambassador, Dr. Sami Khiyami
IRAQ: H.E. The Iraqi Ambassador Dr. Salah Al Shaikhly
IRAN: Dr. Salman Safavi, Director Islamic Institute For Strategic Studies, Brother Of C In C Revolution Guards, Iran, Yahya Rahim Safavi
TURKEY: H.E. The Turkish Ambassador

29th March 2007
French Flag - Microsoft ClipArt
The French Presidential Elections: Will It Be  Nicolas Sarcozy Of The Right Or Segolene Royale, The Darling Of The Left?

The 2007 elections will be an important change for the French political world. Jacques Chirac is the last of the ’old generation’ to be in power. The next President will be of the new generation.

The result may be the first ever Lady President. Will Socialist ‘Sego’ be good for France – or will Interior minister Sarcozy seize the mantle after all?

Speaker: Monsieur Louis-Lyonel Voiron, Senior Policy Adviser To Nicolas Sarcozy.

9th May 2007
Dr. Dan Plesch - SOAS
The US Military Options For A Major Conventional War On Iran

Dr Dan Plesch, Research Associate SOAS, speaks about the US military options for a major conventional war on Iran. The US army, navy,  airforce and marines have all prepared battle plans and spent four years building bases and training for ‘Operation Iranian Freedom’.  Will they act especially in the light of rising tensions and the current holding of British hostages? Dr Plesch has made an in depth study with some disturbing conclusions.

6th June 2007 Map of China
To Mark The Tenth Anniversary of The Handing Over of Hong-Kong To CHINA.

The successful outcome and new opportunities to trade in buoyant HongKong and China. A top level briefing with some exciting names.

20th June 2007
Harriers on an Aircraft Carrier
An Evening With General Sir Richard Dannatt, KCB, CBE, MC - Chief of the Army Staff

Tough, outspoken General Dannatt has shaken up the establishment with the comment on returning from Afghanistan:”Is 1,150 take-home pay for a month’s fighting in Helmand province sufficient?” Since then he has campaigned for better military care for the wounded; questioned validity of our presence in Iraq. “Honesty is what it is about. The truth will out. We have got to speak the truth. Leaking and spinning at the end of the day are not helpful.”   The honest soldier has frightened the life out of the politicians.
10th July 2007
DSF delegates discuss the issues
Falklands 25th Anniversary Dinner In Association With The Army Benevolent Fund

RT. HON BARONESS THATCHER, LG, OM, FRS has been invited.Download further details here.

13th Sept. 2007
Oil Rig - MS ClipArt
Is China Driving World Demand for Oil?

DR. LEO DROLLAS, Deputy Director, Centre for Global Energy Studies, founded by Sheikh Yamani, former Saudi Oil minister. Issues today range from the Middle Eastern gas, India as a source for oil, how much oil and gas does Saudi Arabia have, prospects in West Africa and Algeria,  Iran, an oil producer in trouble; China driving world demand?…

3rd Oct. 2007
Benazir Bhutto - One of her books, available on Amazon
A Farewell to Benazir Bhutto On Departure For Pakistan

After 8 years in exile, the way has been cleared for Miss Bhutto, twice Prime Minister of Pakistan now leader of the Pakistan People’s Party,  to return home. She will stand in the forthcoming elections where she currently leads in the polls. Among her demands  Ms Bhutto has called for free and fair elections and that  President Musharraf can only stand if he sheds his military uniform.

Miss Bhutto will be introduced by RT. HON. Lord Ahmed Of Rotherham.
24th Oct. 2007
US Soldier
A frank and honest analysis on the way ahead for Iraq

H.E. Dr. Salah Al Shaikhly, Iraqi Ambassador, Valedictory Address on departure from office after three years. A frank and honest analysis on the way ahead for Iraq, politically and economically. When will the oil flow freely? As the brutal violence ploughs on how and when will stability be achieved? When should foreign troops leave? What are the chances of halting interference from neighbouring Iran and Syria?  Is Iraq entering a new and dangerous phase … Can the Shiite leadership accommodate the Sunnis? Can the Kurds continue to hold power balance?

13th Nov. 2007
Mt. Rushmoor, US - MS ClipArt
Will the challenging candidates be Clinton v Giuliani or we will see a major upset? Will Barack Obama or Fred Thompson throw up some surprises?

Kenneth Feltman, Washington’s leading lobbyist, past President of International Association of Political Consultants – takes a behind-the-scenes look at the forthcoming Presidential Elections.He will also give a frank assessment of the political dynamics which will shape up the world’s future.

4th Dec. 2007
Flag of Algeria - MS ClipArt
Algeria – the hidden success story

A major energy producer, the first in Africa, Sonatrach is the 12th oil and gas company in the world. A land which lies at the crossroads to Africa, with political stability under President Bouteflika’s leadership. Top government speaker to be confirmed.

11th Dec. 2007
Flag of Russia - CIS - Microsoft ClipArt
Why has President Putin has turned his back on the West?

Indeed, why he is developing a Cold War strategy, be it militarily, politically, or using energy as a weapon. How should the West respond? Where will it end? Dr Ekaterina Egorova, Moscow’s Leading Political Consultant will explain. She will talk about "How Russia Sees The West – And Why: The New Cold War Unravelled."

A DSF speaker. Lady Olga Maitland talking to delegates. A DSF speaker
Delegates enjoying the debate. Lady Olga Maitland chatting to a delegate. Cordingley

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