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The DSF's Co-founder, Lady Olga Maitland
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The Defence and Security Forum was founded by Lady Olga Maitland in 1983. It was originally a campaigning organisation known as Families for Defence launched to challenge the anti-nuclear protest movements such as CND. Families for Defence’s remit was to promote the NATO case for multilateral nuclear disarmament. In the course of doing so the purpose was to focus on the importance of a proper provision for the defence of the United Kingdom.
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Coronavirus pandemic: the Common Reaction
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The primary feature of the Coronavirus pandemic is the common reaction of every nation, wherever situated geographically, politically, religiously, or commercially, provoked by the threat posed. This is the first instance of such a dramatic universal stance to any problem. It demonstrated the recognition of common interests of humanity, but, also, confirmed the nation state as the basis of human organisation.   Each nation saved itself, in accordance with its best understanding.  

While science continued to operate as an open international forum, excepting communist states, practical help, from nation to nation, was limited, if even existent. Within the European Union, borders were closed, sharing of supplies was absent and there was no pan EU planning, nor joint action. Under pressure, the brave assertions of European unity proved to be mere well intentioned posturing.  Whatever the expectations of the globalists, as to the inevitable creation, by the discoveries of science and the creations of technology, of one world for mankind, this event indicates that the transition from the national state to one universal state has barriers in its path, which, at the least, will take many decades to be set aside.  

The survival of the EU, in its present form, is uncertain: the loss of the United Kingdom, the disparity between the northern and the southern nations and the continuing failure to cope with invasive immigration are body blows to its continued existence.  Indeed, it may be that the path to one world will be laid by international companies and commercially, rather than by International treaties and politically.  

National characteristics may be better warmed away, by the sun of common daily features, than blown away by the wind of political organisation.

 John Beveridge  marham[at]

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